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Stinger Radarwarnung Multanova Multaradar SR590
Radar warning

When the radar warning is activated, with the help of its state-of-the-art patch antenna

your Stinger Card can detect even the latest radar devices such as MultaRadar CD and Tracking Radar, offering unmatched coverage and precision. Potential sources of interference, such as the vehicle interval radar of your own or other vehicles, are no longer a problem.

Stinger Laserschutz
Laser alarms

The stinger’s laser receivers are extremely sensitive and are thus

able to offer early detection of practically every type of laser device currently in use. Laser guns, mobile devices in vehicles, tripod devices and fixed installations are all detected.



Stinger LaserShield Jammer Seitenlaser ESO Autovelox Lichtschranke

Wenn gewünscht reagiert Ihr Stinger-Gerät auf Lasermessungen in Bruchteilen

einer Sekunde mit dem eigenen Laser für den eingestellen Zeitraum. Stinger Seitenlaser schützen gegen Messungen durch Einseitensensoren wie ESO 3.0 oder AUTOVELOX.

Stinger SpotList GPS Datenbank Starenkästen Blechpolizisten
SpotList alarms

The integrated European-wide fixed measurement GPS database

also covers measurements that do not use radar or laser.
The database is constantly updated and can be transferred to your stinger with the help of Stinger Desktop (PC/Mac) and a USB stick.



Stinger SPECS Section Control GPS
Section Control

In several European countries, speed is measured in fixed

section controls. Here, single measurements are not taken; instead your average speed over several kilometres is calculated. Cameras capture vehicles as they enter and exit the measurement section. Your stinger guides you through these sections by indicating the start and end points of the measurement section, displaying where you are in the section, calculating your average speed and informing you via LED signals whether you are travelling too fast.

Stinger PoliceCheck Radar Laser
Police checks

Not all speed measurements are carried out correctly. The margin of error

is estimated at up to 80%. However, the authorities claim error-free execution thanks to their “standardised measurement procedures”. It is almost impossible for drivers to verify the accuracy of the measurement at a later date. In these situations, your stinger can help: it is the only system on sale anywhere in the world that stores information about speed measurements carried out. Amongst other data, speed, location, time, radar frequency and signal strength are stored and can be transferred to your PC for further processing. If a driver is accused of speeding, the data can determine whether doubts as to the accuracy of the measurement are well-founded, even if a lot of time has passed since the event. In such cases, consultation of a specialist is advisable.



Stinger Fahrtenbuch
Logbook function

When switched on, your stinger can support you by recording

your business and private trips. Data captured can be transferred to your PC for further processing.